CRIMESTOPPERS: Medford Police looking for man who used stolen debit card at six stores

A photo of the suspect Medford Police are looking for after the suspect used a stolen debit card to make numerous small purchases. (Courtesy: Medford Police)

Medford, Ore. - Medford Police need the community's help in identifying a man who stole a debit card from a car potentially over a week ago.

The suspect has since used it at six different locations.

"Based on the scenario of this case the victim does not use the card very often," Lt. Kerry Curtis said. "He's not even quite sure how he lost it or how it became in the hands of the suspect."

The six purchases have been at convenient stores, a clothing store and a fast food chain all for small amounts. Curtis believes if the amounts had been larger, the purchases would have set off alerts at the victim's bank or on his account.

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