11-year-old with heart condition fulfills dream while shadowing Medford Fire

MEDFORD -- Tanner Daniken spent most of Monday eagerly awaiting the next call. He's made new friends at Medford Fire-Rescue, and tells me they've been showing him the ropes.

"Let me go in his truck to all of the firemen, all the fire departments. And I got to see all the engines. All the tools, all the firemen," Daniken said.

Tanner has always loved firetrucks, engines, and stations. He said he wants to be a firefighter someday.

"You save people. You help people. And it's just a good job," Daniken said.

Tanner may be smaller than most firefighters, but with the help of Batallion Chief Rick Rohrbough he's starting to look the part. Rohrbough said friends of the Daniken family introduced Tanner to the fire department.

Tanner was born with a hole in his heart, and since had a transplant. His future is uncertain right now, but he hopes it will involve firefighting.

"He's been struggling through it since he was a little boy. Not sure what the outcome is for him. But right now he's happy and healthy and just a normal little boy," Rohrbough said.

The battalion chief said he's learned just as much from Tanner as the 11-year-old has from Medford Fire.

"He's quite the little talker. He doesn't boss me around right now. But he asks a lot of questions," Rohrbough said.

As far as a future with the department, Tanner said he knows what it takes.

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