77-year-old left with a silver medal at figure skating championships in North Carolina

Courtesy: Molly MacGowan

ETNA, Calif.-- A 77-year-old from Etna, California is taking home silver after competing at figure skating championships in North Carolina. She said she has participated in these competitions for years, and has placed in first through fourth places.

She competed against people who were 12 years younger than her.

"I really thought I was going to come in last, but I skated as an old woman, and I happened to fall down right in front of the judges and the camera, and I was sure I was going to come in last but I think some of them must have thought it was part of the act," Molly MacGowan said.

MacGowan said if you are interested in skating, the RRRink in Medford has an adult session every Wednesday morning between 10 and 11:45. She said it's a great form of exercise.


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