A burglary attempt has Medford neighbors strategizing about safety

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

MEDFORD, Ore. - Neighbors are looking out for each other after a burglary scare in Medford.

"I have keys to three fourths of the homes and I watch all the stuff and I’m home all the time. I know who goes in and out of their homes and who shouldn't be there and what cars could, should and shouldn't be there," 5 year-resident of Gary Drive, Gail Craytor said.

And police say it's critical to do this during daylight hours.

"Over the last several years the trend of the night time burglar is declining rapidly," Medford Police Lieutenant Justin Ivens said.

Medford Police responded to a call about a burglary attempt Wednesday morning.

A woman approached a home on the 3,000 block of Gary Drive and rang the doorbell.

The homeowner didn't answer but then saw the female and another suspect attempting to break in through a side door.

Police says daytime break-ins are a crime of opportunity.

"It's less likely that people are home. They’re at work. They’re our doing their daily activities and they're away from their residence," Lieutenant Ivens said.

For this reason, Craytor says it's important to communicate.

"You need to know a neighbor. Pick a neighbor in your neighborhood that you know, that you trust," Craytor said.

And have a buddy lookout system.

"I don't want anything bad to happen to them as much as I don't want anything bad to happen to me. If they scratch my back, I scratch theirs. It's a win win for everyone," Craytor said.

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