After the loss of her father, daughter focuses on new life

MEDFORD, Ore. - A Central Point man, Scott Jarrell, drowned on the North Umpqua River Sunday.

Jarrell’s daughter,Jocelyn Maerz, exchanged texts with him that morning.

“I'm going rafting on the North Umpqua today, I love you, Your power bill is here and some other mail,” Jarrell said.

“Be safe, have fun! That's awesome. I love you. Alright, thank you, I will come get it," his daughter, Maerz said.

A few hours later, Jarrell's raft overturned.

"He's been in so many white water rafting competitions, was wearing his helmet, was wearing his life jacket. It's just they normally don't do two people on the boat," Maerz said.

Jarrell’s friend, Paul Eckel survived, but Scott Jarrell - a loving father and star athlete at Ashland High School - drowned.

"He was such a big part of everyone life. His contagious laugh, just a jolly loud laugh, you couldn't help but want to hug him," Maerz said.

At 38, his life was cut short just as a new one was forming.

"He didn't even get to hold his granddaughter and that's what he was living for," Maerz said.

Maerz is 30 weeks pregnant, she says her father was with her every step of the way.

"He was more ecstatic about her more than I ever imagined and talked about her every day," Maerz said.

As Maerz gets ready to welcome her baby girl Miyah, she says she will teach her to be fearless like her grandfather.

"He loved rafting and made those ores so he went doing what he loved. I know he was thinking of me and the baby," Maerz said.

Jarrell's funeral service will be March 4th.

if you'd like to help with funeral costs, or Jocelyn Maerz's growing family, click here.

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