Ashland Business offers free refuge from poor air quality conditions

Sign on front door of Zagorska Oasis Spa. (KTVL/Alexander Mesadieu)

A business in Ashland is offering refuge from the smoky weather.

Starting next week Zagorska Oasis Spa & Apothecary in Ashland is offering free 30 minute sessions in their salt caves every Tuesday.

The salt cave model of business has been a therapy used since at least the mid-1800s, when people in Poland would go to Salt mines to alleviate illnesses.

Some foreign studies have shown evidence of benefits from Halotherapy, while some US doctors remain skeptical to the practice.

Regardless, some visitors say a trip to the salt caves at Zagorska Oasis Spa and Apotecary, benefit them greatly.

"My sinuses are not hurting, my lungs are clear, I'm breathing better, and there isn't an oppresed feeling on my chest and heart like I had. I'm feeling uplifted, this is a slice of heaven," said Janai Mestrovich, a patron of Zagorska Oasis Spa & Apothecary.

The owner of Zagorska Oasis Spa & Apothecary says she first came up with the idea of allowing locals to use the spa for 30 minute sessions for free when she saw Ashland residents walking around town with masks covering their face. She says she felt bad that people had to go to such extents to go outdoors and wanted to offer the community space at her business.

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