Ashland Tiny Houses to apply for grant for village

ASHLAND, Ore. -- It's only a big plan on papers and charts as of now.

But if everything goes as Karen Logan and the rest of the team behind Ashland Tiny Houses hopes, new tiny houses could be built before too long.

"We're really in a crisis right now," Logan said. "We're in a rental crisis. Rents have increased dramatically in our area and we need some solutions to affordable housing."

Logan said she looks at it as an opportunity for people to get back on their feet and the tiny houses will be officially called "transitional."

It's something that still needs city council approval, although Oregon code allows for these types of communities to be built by cities.

"This is not a shantytown," Logan said. "This is going to be a high quality area that's for the community that will have an active community center. It can be a showcase for tiny house village."

Another step the group is taking is to apply for a grant through the city of Ashland that would help get the village built. Organizers met on Saturday to finish their application for more than $200,000 that is available.

"We feel that we can use it," Logan said. "This is federal grant money and if we have a piece of property we'll be able to create something that is a benefit to everyone."

Logan said this money currently isn't being used, so this project could be a perfect fit.

"I think we have a great opportunity because it's money that's not being used right now," she said. "It's not being granted to anyone."

A petition is being started to get the Ashland city council to approve the village. The goal is to collect 2,500 signatures.

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