Bull killed on Hwy 140

This bull was found dead along the side of Highway 140 around mile marker 9. (Courtesy: Sharry Beeler)

Jackson County, Ore. - Early Friday morning, Oregon State Police and Oregon Department of Transportation received a call about a bull lying in the road after being hit by a car. At 2:45 A.M., they could not do anything about removing the bull from the road.

At 7:45 A.M., a resident left her home and found the dead bull at the end of her driveway. Because it's an open range area, the person who hit the bull is responsible for replacing it, but an owner could not be found.

"We looked for a tag to see if he belonged to one of the ranches next to us," Sharry Beeler said. "He didn't have any tags, so I reached out on Facebook for help on who to contact and go from there. I was told to contact the [Oregon State Police]."

The agencies ended up asking for help from a local rancher to move the bull in order to dispose of it properly.

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