Busiest Valentine's Day for Rogue Valley florists in about a decade

CENTRAL POINT, Ore.-- With Valentine's Day around the corner, many spend part of their day in line. Judy's Florist said at one point on Monday, the line for flowers was out the door.

Florists said the days leading up to Valentine's Day are some of the industry's busiest days of the year. The shop expects Tuesday to be the busiest delivery day the shop has had in ten years.

It will be delivering about 1,000 flowers across Jackson and Josephine Counties.

Manager Rick Samuelson said the shop always runs out of flowers--especially the top choice items, like Red Roses and Stargazer Lilies.

"Flowers just kind of represent a gift from nature and something that's beautiful and people admire," customer Patrick Staed said. "And it makes them happy."

Most of the customers agreed, what flowers most importantly symbolize is love.

If you have not ordered your Valentine's Day flowers yet, Judy's Florist said it will be open and happy to help customers the day of.

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