Central Point sees streak of 36 car break-ins in one week

A hooded man simply opened the door to this Kia Soul that was left unlocked. The suspect did not steal anything from the car once he realized there was nothing of value in the car. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Central Point, Ore. - In an average 7 day period, Central Point might have four or five vehicle break-ins; in the past week, law enforcement has gotten calls for 36 separate break-ins.

"I really want to get a new car because I feel like I can't get in mine without thinking about the person inside of it," said Sabrina Bartell, car was broken into.

Bartell left her car unlocked Sunday night for the first time that she can remember. She saw her glove compartment opened inside her car on Monday morning and checked her security cameras.

"I was almost in shock," Bartell said. "I think I laughed was my first response. I was like, 'of course this would happen the one time I leave my car open.'"

One specific detail made this crime of opportunity bizarre for Bartell.

"They were taking random things which was strange," Bartell said. "We were hearing things like Dutch Bros stamp cards were getting stolen, or the police officers told us that things were being left at the crime scenes from the previous ones they were at."

The Padilla family says that's what happened when their truck was broken into Monday morning and a wallet was stolen from inside.

"[The wallet] showed up at the neighbors' house over there and just showed up on their yard and they brought it back," said Edgar Padilla, who's father's truck was broken into. "The police officer came back a few hours later and said that's the fourth time this has happened that the wallets are just found later down the road with nothing stolen out of it."

Even without anything stolen, the Padilla family is taking extra precautions.

"Double checking we lock the doors and I think we're going to get security cameras installed," said Padilla.

Padilla says most of his neighborhood already has security cameras and think getting some of their own will help make their neighborhood even safer.

Central Point police say, there were some firearms stolen in the break-ins.

Police say these car break-ins happen in streaks so the sooner an arrest is made, the quicker the spike will end.

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