Countdown to Costco's 110 day construction period starts tomorrow

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. - Contractors are in the preliminary stages of construction for the new Central Point Costco location on Table Rock Road and Hamrick Road.

The official kickoff to the 110 days until opening day starts tomorrow.

Right now a crew of about 40 are making headway with the foundation work.

This includes pouring footings otherwise known as the foundation for the parking lot and building pad.

The superintendents working on the project have overseen the construction of 20 Costco’s across the country in the last 20 years and say our summer conditions are optimal.

"Luckily for us, we're dry country here. We've been on a lot of projects where we've had to deal with weather. So we're right on, hopefully a bit ahead of schedule right now," said Eugene Melton, Site Superintendent.

"In about two and a half to three weeks we'll start the building slabs. Day 110 we'll be open," said John Carey, the project superintendent.

A couple weeks down the road the team of 40 will grow to about 150 people.

This site is about 18.5 acres, which will allow for a larger building and more than twice the parking space

The Costco is scheduled to open to the public on November 17th.

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