Country Crossing location may be better for emergencies


By next week, there will be no rides or elephant ears. The Jackson County Expo will be completely about country. Country crossings will head into town right after the fair.

This is the first time country crossing's is coming to Central Point.

Expo coordinators are going to have to work hard to make a smooth transition from the fair to the country festival.

The festival usually takes place in rural areas. Country Crossing's president Anne Hankins says this year's location will make it easier to take care of emergencies.

"Some of our other locations are out in more rural areas, so it takes longer for first responders to get there. We're out usually on a working ranch. This is a little bit different. We're inside of the city and have first responders and those kind of resources quite conveniently located than some of our other festivals."

Hankins stresses that fire life and safety is of the most importance. Along with a plethora of local law enforcement, there will be a mobile hospital on site.

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