Crews battle the Flounce Fire as it doubles in size

Flounce Fire, Aug. 8th 2017, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

PROSPECT, Ore. -- More than 250 people from multiple agencies are battling the Flounce Fire, and that number is expected to double in the days ahead.

What started as two fires caused by lightning combined into one, posing a challenge for crews like the Oregon Department of Forestry.

"Whenever lightning strikes it seems to happen in those remote, unaccessible areas. Especially with steep, rugged terrain and that's exactly what we're facing here. We're dealing with combined terrain of timber as well as dry brush that's helping to move the fire," said ODF public information officer Melissa Cano.

That dry brush leftover from a wet winter and spring is what ODF feared moving into fire season.

"I know that people say the snow pack helped, however it helped with a lot of growth. And that growth that has dried out is now causing a good moving fire," Cano said.

Although the fire is moving away from homes, residents are still on standby. Ranch manager Rex Walters said he was grateful for fire crews as he braced himself for potentially moving cattle.

"They had a fire truck parked here. Not from forestry but the Table Rock fire department sat here all night just to make sure if it did get in here they would be able to protect the structure and stuff, so yeah," Walters said.

But ODF said even though they're adding resources, crews could be stretched thin if severe weather continues.

"If we get another lightning storm rolling in we have our initial attack resources spreading thing to respond to those fires. We also have crews dedicated to this fire to make sure it's under wraps. And that's not even including any fire restrictions people might potentionally break," Cano said.

Right now evacuation levels are just at stage one, which is get ready. Fire crews say that everyone should be prepared like this during the fire season.

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