Differing views at Representative DeFazio's town hall

Representative DeFazio said after the town hall, he had a campaign meeting in Canyonville, in Grants Pass, Oregon, on Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 (KTVL/Ariana Rakhshani).

GRANTS PASS, Ore.-- Representative Peter DeFazio visited southern Oregon on Tuesday. He held a town hall in Gold Beach, Cave Junction and Grants Pass.

He spoke with the audience about a number of issues like President Trump's wall, infrastructure concerns and the Affordable Care Act.

The representative said normally, most people who attend his town halls usually have the same viewpoints, but in Grants Pass, there were several people with differing opinions.

One woman had a shirt that said "Trump is my President." She brought up the Affordable Care Act and was not too happy with DeFazio.

"She didn't like the Affordable Care Act and she claimed that she went bankrupt because of it, which I find puzzling, because before we had access to health insurance for another 30 million Americans who have insurance today, bankruptcy was most frequently caused by an uninsured health care emergency, so I didn't get her story," Representative DeFazio said. "She kind of went out in a huff."

The woman did not want to speak with News10 on camera, but she said she felt she was attacked because of her shirt.

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