Eagle Point community mourns the loss of special needs teacher

Morris family, May 17th 2017, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

EAGLE POINT, Ore. -- Shannon O'Morris was driving her newborn son to the doctor last Tuesday.

When driving around a corner on Foothill Road she was hit head-on by a suburban. Her husband Scott Morris said while his newborn was fine, his wife was put in the hospital with life threatening injuries just one day before their 20th anniversary.

"A lot of congestion. It's an old road with more and more people trying to hurry through it. Especially with the construction on 62, you know? It's a natural way to get around all that so people are in a hurry," Morris said.

Shannon passed away on Mother's Day. She's now remembered as a beloved special needs teacher at Eagle Point High School. Her daughter Tella Morris said families across the region have reached out in support.

"She'll put a roof over anyone's head, she'll feed anyone, she'll do anything for anyone, honestly. She had such a big heart that... it's a shame that all the good ones go first," she said.

But Morris said she's lost without her best friend, and the glue that held her family together.

"She had so many plans, so many things she wanted us to do for us. And now it's just kind of... how are we going to do this without her and what does she want us to do is the big thing. What would mom want us to do?" she said.

Now a single father of five, Morris said he wishes he had his wife's guidance.

"She always organized everything. I keep wanting to text her, what now? What do we do? She was good at taking charge. Not taking any stuff and just...getting it done," he said.

The community has set up a GoFundMe and Meal Train accounts to support the family. You can donate to the medical fund at, or donate meals at

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