Firefighter injured battling Creedence Fire in Miller Complex

The first aid/medical tent at the Miller Complex Fires camp. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Applegate Valley, Ore. - On Tuesday, a firefighter taking on the Creedence Fire fell on the steep terrain and hit his head on the ground. Emergency services immediately transported him to Three Rivers Hospital in Grants Pass and the firefighter was diagnosed with a concussion.

Fortunately, he will be able to return to the Miller Complex in a little over a week.

To help prevent accidents like that from happening, a lot of planning and assessment goes into each morning briefing when attacking large wildfires.

"If there is an injury that occurs, we want to be able to assess that person's situation immediately and then get them to EMS responders locally with whom we partner," Meg Cicciarella, the public information officer for the Miller Complex, said.

Safety assessments include addressing road hazards on the way to a fire as well as terrain hazards like rocks and fallen trees.

Cicciarella says firefighter safety and public safety are equally of paramount importance.

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