For 4/20, Talent Health Club featured on Dispensary Wars T.V.

Manuel Roybal (left) interviews a Talent Health Club worker on Thursday for his show, Dispensary Wars T.V. which streams on Roku. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Talent, Ore. - Dispensary Wars T.V. chose Talent Health Club for a feature for the biggest day in the marijuana industry - April 20th.

The show streams on Roku, posts their episodes on YouTube and has over 30,000 followers on Twitter.

"We want to show to the rest of America that Talent has the best cannabis," Manuel Roybal, the founder of Dispensary Wars T.V., says.

Roybal started Dispensary Wars T.V. to showcase the best marijuana around the country. The show focuses on education surrounding marijuana and how the drug can help people.

"We show them to start slow, or the patients," Roybal says. "My brother Ralph Cortez has stage four stomach cancer so it's a personal thing with me to go out and teach these patients how to cannabis right."

One customer News 10 spoke with suffers from fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, nerve damage in her legs, panic attacks and fought early stages of cancer.

To cope with the pain, she smokes marijuana instead of taking pills and other medications.

"When you're going through pain, and it doesn't stop, it's an on-going thing," Misty Nelson, who has smoked since she was a teenager, says. "You don't get a break from it. When you get a relief from something like this, it's like a piece of heaven."

For the general manager, he hopes having Dispensary Wars T.V. will promote the benefits of marijuana - especially on the Black Friday of the marijuana industry calendar.

"Really show people how to use cannabis appropriately, how to use it for wellness, not intoxication, and to really show people how it can be normalized into our society for a good cause, a good purpose," Andrew Robison says.

Even the name Talent Health Club plays on the education, not just recreation.

"[It's] a bit of a nod towards what our industry believes in, and so Talent Health Club - THC," Robison says. "We've had a few people walk in looking for a spa or weight machines, but other than that people kind of get the gist of it."

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