Former Ashland city councilor reacts to proposed sanctuary city ban

KTVL File Photo of Pam Marsh

MEDFORD, Ore.-- Representative Pam Marsh reacts to Representative Sal Esquivel's proposed bill.

She said it is appalling Esquivel is proposing this step--to limit a city or community's ability to declare a sanctuary city.

Marsh said this is a time when our communities are under great stress, and it is time to step up for our neighbors.

"I believe, and I think many of us believe here in Oregon, that these are our neighbors, they're our friends, they're our coworkers, they're our tenants," Marsh said. "They are the people we see on the street every day, and our goal is to really step up and to watch their back."

She added the sanctuary law protects people who are law abiding members of the community. It does not protect those who are already in the law enforcement system or someone who commits a crime. She said this step is very unfortunate.

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