Former homeless man trying to give back after getting back on his feet

Lance Nevis, Dec. 8th 2016, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

MEDFORD -- News10 brought you the story of Lance Nevis, a local homeless man who got his contracting license to get back on his feet. Now he's trying to give back to the community, but he says he needs help.

A few years ago Nevis was in jail for drinking and driving. He wrote poems and short stories for his daughter to keep in touch while he was gone.

Once Nevis got his life back on track, these stories were published into three children's books. The author said he was inspired to create these books for his nephew with autism.

"I dedicated these books to him. My goal in the future is start something called Mikey's Hope where we can put money away in there to help other kids that need it," Nevis said.

His books are available on Amazon for about $11.00, but Nevis wants to give them away at half that price for children in need. To contact the author email

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