Fort Jones family needs help to save unborn son with congenital heart defect

Rose Nelson (front) and her fiancee Jerid (behind Rose) found out on March 9th, their unborn son, Bentley (ultrasound, right), has a rare heart condition that could kill him if he does not receive open heart surgery or a heart transplant as soon as he is born. (Courtesy: Rose Nelson's gofundme)

Fort Jones, Calif. - An unborn baby, Bentley, has a ventrical septal defect - essentially a hole in his heart not allowing blood and oxygen to flow to his organs properly.

Bently's mom, Rose Nelson, says that was difficult to hear just 10 days ago. Because of the findings, Rose will have to go to San Francisco for doctor consultation on what to do next and how feasible it is to save her son.

"It's scary," Rose said through her tears. "I didn't know what was going to happen."

Rose is six months pregnant and on March 9th, an ultrasound showed her unborn baby has Truncus Arteriosus.

"He's okay, but I got told that the only thing really keeping him alive is my placenta," Rose said.

When Bentley is born, unless the hole somehow repairs in the womb, he will need open heart surgery or a heart transplant.

According the Centers for Disease Control, this particular heart condition happens in less than one in every 10,000 live births. In the United States, only 300 babies per year are born with the ventrical septal defect.

Despite how rare occurrence, Rose is not alone.

"It was like five or six people that had been through it," Rose said. "They said that a miracle happened and it was connected when they went down there so ... hopefully that could be us."

Rose's family is by her side.

"There's always miracles out there," Sandy Nelson, Rose's grandmother. said.

Sandy has seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren; Bentley would be the third. She says she has never experienced this before, but is helping Rose prepare if doctors cannot save Bentley.

"If they can't ... save him, then it's God's will and that means he's just too broken to fix," Sandy said.

Hopefully, the miracle to fix Bentley's broken heart is Rose's full one.

"I've been wanting [to be a parent] forever and to hear it was a boy, I was like 'aw I wanted a girl' but then I was like 'I get to have a son, that's awesome,'" Rose said.

The Nelson family will have more bake sales in Yreka, CA on April 8th and April 9th. If you cannot make it out to those bake sales, donate on the family's gofundme page.

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