Governor Kate Brown speaks out in support of "Cover All Kids" bills

Providence Medical Group, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

MEDFORD -- Governor Kate Brown spoke out in support of the "Cover All Kids" bills in Salem Friday.

House Bill 2726 and Senate Bill 558 would extend health care coverage through the Oregon Health Plan to all children in the state. Currently about 17,000 kids are excluded from this plan because of their residency status.

Jackson County's medical director said this especially important for minority children.

"They're lower in every dimension, including access to care. So I think we need to pay attention to the kids that need a leg up, special help, and make sure that we can provide it for them," Dr. Jim Shames said.

Shames said the country is making progress. About 20 years ago almost 15 percent of kids were uninsured. Now, that number is less than five percent.

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