Grants Pass pedestrian hit by Toyota 4 Runner


Grants Pass Ore.- Grants Pass police are investigating a vehicle pedestrian accident.

It happened on Sunday night around 6 PM near the corner of Grants Pass Parkway and F Street. 27-year-old Travis Agnew tried to cross the street outside of a crosswalk and police say that Michael Kelly, 23, hit him with his Toyota 4 Runner.

Kelly was not injured but Agnew had to be sent to the hospital.

For Grants Pass Police officer, Lt. Dennis Ward, this was not a laughing matter,

"You're talking about a 2 to 4 thousand pound vehicle and when those are going even 25 to 30 miles per hours it does substantial damage to a person, so it's no joke" said Lt. Dennis Ward

Police say cars sometimes travel more than 45 miles per hour on Grants Pass Parkway. Lt. Ward says this is an example of why both pedestrians and drivers need to always stay alert.

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