Hedrick Middle School student honored by Nike after overcoming cancer

Hedrick Middle School, Sept. 7th 2017, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

MEDFORD -- Hedrick Middle School celebrated Ethan Frank while he visited the Nike campus on Thursday.

After having a brain tumor removed last year, the 8th grader helped create a design for the Oregon Ducks.

Nike selected this to be put on T-shirts that will be sold, and the Ducks will wear jerseys with the design while playing over the weekend.

Ethan's classmates said this a dream come true.

"Last year like every day he would wear this green Oregon ducks shirt or white Oregon ducks shirt or any Oregon ducks shirt he had. And he would always come in and if I wore one he would be like 'hey I like your shirt," Grace Marical said.

Ethan also designed gloves that the Ducks will wear which for the first time will have wording across the knuckles, spelling out the word "overcome."

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