Jackson County District 4 Fire Chief responds to passing of Measure 15-168

Rod Edwards, Fire Chief of Jackson County Fire District 4

Jackson County Ore.- Measure 15-168, The levy that would further fund Jackson County Fire District Four, passed with a 54.75 percent vote.

The measure increased property taxes by $0.99 per $1,000 for a four year levy to maintain staffing levels at Jackson County Fire District 4.

If the levy did not pass, it would have meant immediate layoffs and diminished service levels.

Four of seven positions in the rural fire department were funded by a 2 year federal grant, the levy will continue funding for those positions.

For Rod Edwards, Fire Chief of Jackson County Fire District 4, the passing of the levy was a relief.

"Technically we're still understaffed but we're delighted to have the staffing we do have and it's certainly better than the bare bones minimum of 1 firefighter on duty," said Jackson County Fire District 4 Fire Chief Rod Edwards.

In 2016, Jackson County Fire District 4 responded to nearly 1,200 alarms.

"It's made a life saving difference up here to have sufficient staffing to take care of the emergencies that we deal." Edwards said.

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