Jackson, Josephine County residents concerned about abduction attempts

Kerry Smith says she was nearly abducted in February. Now, she hopes young people keep aware of their surroundings. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Medford, Ore. - "He insisted that I come to him and I just ran away," Kerry Smith, who was nearly abducted in February, said of her incident.

Smith has a passion for running - she ran outdoors Monday through Friday for the past 36 years, until the van pulled up in front of her in February with the driver demanding she come towards him.

Because of the attempt, she no longer feels comfortable running outside.

"For me, I was extremely disappointed at the fact that I have now lost that freedom and I had to start joining a gym," Smith said. "I literally cried at thinking I couldn't run anymore on the streets."

Since then, Smith has only ventured out in public to run twice.

"One time early morning I did around one of the parks here and I didn't have an issue," Smith said. "Another time, after work, just about a month ago, I went to that same park and I had another sketchy situation - nothing near as this."

Smith says one sketchy situation after another combined with the near abduction was the final straw. While apprehensive at first, Smith loves her gym now.

News 10 also spoke with Jackson County Sheriff's Office too after hearing of near abductions in the area. They say there has not been much of a spike in recent weeks or months.

"This is something that we deal with on an infrequent basis," Sheriff Nathan Sickler said. "It seems to be a steady, infrequent basis - meaning a few times a year we get something like this."

Smith says when she called law enforcement, they told her they had received a similar call about 10 minutes before hers. With that in mind, Smith hopes young people will realize when a situation isn't quite right.

"We as a community need to stand up and pull together and not let this happen," Smith said.

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