Local vineyard excited for hot dry summer

Del Rio Vineyard entrance. (KTVL/Alexander Mesadieu)

Gold Hill, Ore.- Del Rio Vineyards in Gold Hill say that the summer sun has helped their crops.

They say wine plants thrive in the sun and do not need much water to develop fully.

Winemakers say although harvest season is still long from over, things this year are looking good so far.

"It's too early to know what harvest is going to be within a few months away, but so far everything looks to be a great harvest," said Jean Michel Jussiaume of Del Rio Vineyard.

Harvest Season for Del Rio Vineyards is in August and September.

Until then, the future of the plants are still largely in nature's hands.

"We worry all the time. We watch the weather everyday. It's important to us. Especially when harvest is coming in September and August. This is where we are very attentive to the temperature and the storms that could bring too much rain or fire that would damage the wine quality. So we keep very good track and we're always on the watch for weather," Jussiaume said.

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