Low Turn Out for Jackson County Special Elections

Workers at the Jackson County Elections Office sort through ballots.

Jackson County, Ore. - With just a day left, so far less than 15 percent of voters in Jackson County have voted in the Special Election.

The total percentage of registered Jackson County voters who voted in this election as of last Friday was just over 11 percent.

Jackson County Clerk, Chris Walker, expects between 13 and 14 percent of voters to cast their votes by the end of Monday.

That's compared to the almost 80 percent of voters who turned out for the general elections.

In Josephine County, 34.4 percent of voters have already cast their ballot in their Special Election.

Walker believes some of the discrepancies between the two counties has to do with major tax measures on the ballot in Josephine County,

"The biggest reason is that we don't have a countywide money measure," She continued, "We do have Fire District 4, which is limited in scope as far as Jackson County, as well as the Rogue River School District, but again smaller districts. It's not a countywide money measure. So of course we aren't seeing the same turn out as Josephine County, because we don't have those countywide money measures going on."

Walker says although less people have voted, that the races are still important.

"It is a very important election. You have candidates that are spending local taxpayer dollars. They are making policy decisions for you, the citizen, based on money that you pay out on your property taxes and other taxes." Walker said.

It's too late to turn in ballots by mail but there are ballot drop off locations at the Jackson County Elections office at 1101 West Main Street in Medford, as well as ballot drop off locations at the Ashland, Eagle Point, Central Point, and Rogue River public libraries.

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