Malachi Batty's friend remembers him as a giving person

Xavier Savoie is a sophomore at Grants Pass High School and close friend of Malachi Batty. Batty was killed on Friday after being hit by a driver at his bus stop. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Grants Pass, Ore. - Xavier Savoie remembers Malachi Batty as a gamer, a giver and one of his best friends.

Savoie says he could not believe Batty was killed by a car yesterday at his bus stop. He first heard the bus drivers talking over their radios about the accident. Savoie said he did not want to go to school after hearing the radio call.

Once at school though, he found out Batty had died from the pickup truck and broke down.

On Monday, he'll have to go to school knowing his close friend won't be there.

"It's going to be harder on me because I have office hours and normally I spend office hours with him and we talk," Savoie said. "Every now and then he would have this bouncy ball and we'd bounce it around and we'd get in trouble for it. Really, I'm going to feel sad and lonely."

Savoie said Batty would always give people gum during school. In fact, Savoie still has an unopened pack of gum from the beginning of the year. Now, he plans to never open it so the memories of their friendship will never be forgotten.

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