Marijuana cultivator excited to see customers on 4/20

Huey Smith (left) does not have many customer interactions while cultivating marijuana, so on Thursday, he was excited to see so many people out buying marijuana. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Talent, Ore. - Huey Smith, a marijuana cultivator in Ashland, sells the marijuana he cultivates to wholesale marijuana businesses.

For 4/20, Smith visited Talent Health Club to buy some marijuana and see how well the customers flocked to different dispensaries. Smith says he's happy the day brings awareness to the benefits of the industry, but he's most excited to see the 'flowers' of his labor.

"I'm wearing my boots; you know, I'm out in the mud earlier this morning and now I'm out in a retail store buying a gram pre-roll for a dollar," Smith says. "To see that transition and experience it from the farm to table so to speak is exciting for me."

Smith rarely deals with customers one-on-one so he was excited to see people out buying today.

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