Measure to further fund Rogue River School District Passes

Rogue River Jr./Sr. High School (Alexander Mesadieu/KTVL)

Rogue River, Ore.- Measure 15-169, a measure that created a more than $3 million bond for multiple school repairs in the Rogue River School district passed on Wednesday.

The district says the majority of the money spent will be used towards heating, air conditioning, creating A.D.A. accessible campuses, and asbestos removal.

According to Rogue River School District Business Manager Don Sweeny, the decision to focus on these areas was made after a needs analysis study for the entire school district showed that there was about $15 million in projects needed to improve the school district, they than went to the public and conducted a survey and choose objectives that were considered high priority by the public.

Sweeny says, some of the heating and air conditioning systems are more than 60-years-old. There currently is absolutely no air conditioning at the elementary east campus.

"You can have rooms in the elementary school that would have little to no heat whatsoever. So you could imagine a learning environment where it's 50 degrees or below in the room and that would be miserably uncomfortable." Sweeny said.

Don Sweeny believes construction will begin in the summer of 2018.

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