Medford business owner sleeps at store to keep it safe from St. Patrick's Day criminals

Meghan DeAngelo said she will be spending a lot of time on Facebook while waiting for the St. Patrick's Day crowds to go home, in Medford, Oregon, on Friday, March 17th, 2017 (KTVL/Ariana Rakhshani).

MEDFORD, Ore.-- With all of the St. Patrick's Day partying, some downtown business owners are worrying about crime.

Some downtown businesses have been dealing with vomit, spattered blood, and break-ins--no matter what day of the week.

Since St. Patrick's Day is not only a Friday, but also a big night for people drinking, some business owners are taking extra precautions.

For Lotus Hair Body & Soul, a salon downtown, the St. Patrick's Day crime started right as the day started.

Lotus' owner Meghan DeAngelo said a man broke through her 60-year-old glass window. The man told law enforcement he was not trying to break in, but he just wanted to destroy the window. Unfortunately, he was successful.

DeAngelo said she loves that building, and when she saw the surveillance video, it was painful.

"It's kind of like someone hitting your baby a little bit," DeAngelo said. "This business is everything to us, this is our savings, this is our retirement."

Before this all happened, she was already planning on spending the night at Lotus because of the typical St. Patrick's Day crime, but she was targeted before she spent the night.

"We're worried about it getting re-vandalized and the boards getting pulled off our windows," DeAngelo said.

Now, she said she is definitely spending the night.

She said the window will cost roughly $700 to replace.

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