Medford couple celebrates 76th wedding anniversary on Valentine's Day

MEDFORD -- For Bill and Mary Walter, life and love come easy.

They said it's been a smooth and happy marriage. Bill said often when it comes to love, people complicate things.

"If you're attracted to each other and willing to forgive and forget, it'll work," he said.

The two met in high school as he was about to graduate. They got married at age 20 and 21 in 1941 in Seattle. Bill said a simple "yes dear" has gotten them this far.

"We never had any problems, we never really argued much. She won most of them anyway," he said.

Soon after the wedding, Bill left to fight in the war. He was in the South Pacific for four years, and left Mary pregnant before heading overseas. Their family grew to two children, nine grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. But Mary said that early love never went away.

"The fact that we're in love is the biggest thing. There's never been anybody else, it's just us. We've had a good life. Can't complain," she said.

Mary said her secret is they overlook each other's flaws...and she said they don't have many.

"I don't think I've found anything about him that I don't like, he seems perfect to me," she said.

When asked if this is something a couple has to work at, Mary said it should just come naturally.

"You just keep loving. I guess that would be the answer," she said.

In total, the couple has been together about 80 years.

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