Medford Police confirm relationship and children between homicide suspect and victim

Medford Police, Sept. 12th 2017, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

MEDFORD -- Medford Police found Noemi Ruiz in her driveway Monday morning.

Officers believe she was stabbed to death by 38-year-old Enrique Solis-Garcia.

Lieutenant Justin Ivens said the two had a relationship for about ten years, and leave behind two children.

"They're truly the victims in this incident. Luckily there is some family that's here. Some aunts and uncles and other family members, her mom," Ivens said.

As the population grows, officers have noticed an increase in these cases. Over the last five years Medford Police has obtained funding for a domestic abuse officer.

"Everything changes 24 hours later when the suspect is coming back home and they're tough to prosecute. Stories change. And they're tough cases. So we felt there was a need. We're seeing results," Ivens said.

Police believe they're seeing more cases as more victims report these crimes.

"There's people that are out there that now realize that hey, these people are going to be held accountable and they're not as fearful in making these reports," Ivens said.

Every every domestic call two officers are sent, in addition to the domestic officer.

For more information on resources for victims, visit Jackson County's websites on Community Works and the Sexual Assault Response Team.

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