Medford watch group alerting community of suspicious activity instantly

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

MEDFORD, Ore.. - Some Medford residents are tired of seeing their belongings disappear.

Lin Amy has been in the cab business in Medford for over a year now.

During his night shifts he's witnessed several thefts.

He decided to create the Facebook group Methford Tweaker and Prowler Location and Awareness to alert residents when suspicious activity is spotted near them.

"Hopefully it grows enough to where neighborhood watch is a thing again. And people can let people know we're tired of having everything stolen. Just kind of get the awareness out there. Let them know we're watching them and then maybe it'll make them at least think twice," Amy said.

The group was started yesterday morning and it already has over 500 members.

Lin Amy tells says he's going to spread the word to the cab night shift operators so that police have more eyes out on the streets.

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