Mike Marut's Mother's Day Shopping Tips

0512 mothers day.PNG

Medford, Ore. - Admittedly, I wait until the last second to do any holiday shopping.

I first went to Lillie Belle Chocolates in Central Point. Fortunately, they are open all weekend selling chocolates and this year, they created a bowl of chocolates where the bowl is also made out of chocolate!

"This is kind of the last of the personal holidays," Jeff Shepherd, the chocolatier at Lillie Belle, said. "Somebody asked me yesterday well what about Father's Day? I go, 'we don't sell a lot of chocolate on Father's Day.' I don't know why, I'm a dad, I like chocolate. Yeah Mother's Day is like the last of the gift-giving holidays of the spring."

Hallmark in Medford is open Saturday and still has some Mother's Day cards left.

Judy's Central Point Florist is out of many products, but still has some nice arrangements.

Unfortunately, if you're sending something out - it's too late to send through the U.S. Post Office.

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