Miller Complex Fire: Crews are expecting thunderstorms

Miller Complex Fire Sept. 4, 2017  (Miller Complex Fire Facebook Page)

Fire crews are expecting thunderstorms to sweep through the area, causing a fire weather watch from Tuesday night through Wednesday night.

Crews are planning for potential new fires that might start from lightening.

Air support is limited today because of the low visibility due to all the smoke.


These fires are 43 percent contained and has burned 2,064 acres.

The Creedence and Bigelow fires have seen minimal growth over the past couple of days.

Crews are focusing on the north side of the fire, working on both flanks.

Firefighters will continue to hold, mop up, monitor, and patrol the fire lines.

Hose-lay and sprinkler systems remain in place on the north side of the Creedence Fire.


Smoke continues to affect visibility. Residents can expect to continue to see fire activity within the perimeter.


Firefighters were able to bring the fire down to the 1090 road safely, and the fire is holding at the road.

They will continue to work on the perimeter if need be.

The fire is 23 percent contained and has burned 4,215 acres, but the acreage is from the fire growth 2 days ago. The fire didn’t grow much Monday.

Residents may continue to see fire activity within the perimeter.


The fire is 13 percent contained and has burned 12,564 acres.

Crews are monitoring a small hotspot on Division R.

On the northwest side of the fire in Division T, fire crews were able to complete dozer line and plumb it with a hose-lay.

Dozers and masicators continue to improve the 1050 road, and crews are working on making contingency lines south from that road, all the way to Pacific Crest trail.

Branch IV is apart of the fire that is burning in Klamath Falls National Forest.

Monday, crews were able to complete an important dozer line across Seiad Valley between the Goff and Gap Fire burn. That’s near the 47N17 Road.

This line is key in keeping the fire from growing south into the populated area of Seiad Valley.


The following areas are under a Level 2 (BE SET) Evacuation Notice:

  • Palmer Creek Road and Kinney Creek Road.
  • Both Sides of Upper Applegate Road from Palmer Creek Road to Applegate Dam Spillway, including Bolder City.
  • Beaver Creek Road ( Jackson County, OR) from it’s junction with Upper Applegate Road east for about a mile.

The following areas are in a Level 1 (BE READY) Evacuation Notice:

  • Carberry Creek Road from Applegate Road, up to, and including, Steamboat Ranch.
  • Palmer Creek Road/Applegate Road Intersection North to 7449 Applegate Road, and Eastside Road from Upper Applegate Road North to 2874 Eastside Road.
  • Hart-tish, Harr Pt, Watkins, Tipsu, Tyee, Latgaea Cove and Strintown campgrounds, and Cranberry picnic ground.


The following places has information board to help you stay updated on the Miller Complex Fire:

  • Ruch County Store
  • Ruch Haedware
  • Applegate Fire District #9
  • Star Ranger Station
  • Jackson Campground
  • Bolder City
  • Williams Fire Department
  • Williams General Store

This story will be updated throughout the day with new information as it becomes available.

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