Multiple agencies come together in search for missing teen

YREKA, Calif. -- Victoria Lara went missing in Dunsmuir last Thursday.

Since then the 15-year-old has been spotted in Mount Shasta, and most recently in Chico. Siskiyou County Sheriff Jon Lopey said his deputies are teaming up with Chico law enforcement to find her as quickly as possible.

"She has limited means to support herself out on her own, and a 15-year-old is always very vulnerable," Lopey said.

The sheriff's office believes she is going by another name and is posing as an adult.

"It's a very dangerous situation. She's also without medication, as far as we know she did not take her medication with her," Lopey said.

Lara's family said she's bipolar, and her mother Amanda Pfannenstiel said going off medication has put her in the hospital before.

"When she doesn't take her medication sometimes she can get delusional. She'll not know where she is and I don't really know what's going on because by now I thought she would have called me," Pfannenstiel said.

Pfannenstiel hasn't heard from her daughter since last Thursday, when Lara called saying she was going to a friend's house. Lara's mother is used to hearing from the teenager multiple times a day.

"All I want her to do is just to call me and say, hey mom I'm ok. Even that would just put me at ease a little bit, you know?" she said.

Pfannenstiel said doctors have told her Lara has the mind capacity of an 11-year-old, and she worries this immaturity is putting the teen's life at risk. The family plans to go back to Chico to continue putting up fliers later this week.

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