Murphy school working with state representatives over fears of marijuana grow site

Murphy Subdivision, May 10th 2017, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

MURPHY, Ore. -- Excel Christian Learning Center serves as a homeschool co-op, and owner Debi Benedict is worried about her students.

Benedict said she sees marijuana plants growing in the building, and an anonymous note was left on campus saying construction is for an out-of-state marijuana developer.

"Right next door to the grow itself. Our children will not be able to go outside. That's a very real concern of the parents," she said.

Benedict said the site is 100 feet from the front door, and even closer to the playground. Restrictions for the subdivision prevent any noxious or offensive trade on the lots, and the owner said she doesn't believe the lot has permits for any business at all.

"As far as we can find, we've been down to the courthouse, we've been searching. They do not have any building permits and building has been going on. They are not licensed through the OLCC for this grow," Benedict said.

Next to the learning center is The Great Unbaked chocolate shop. Owner Jennifer Davis is worried a grow site would affect her business.

"The smell is going to get into the chocolate. How am I going to be able to sell it? What's it going to smell like? So that's probably one of my biggest fears aside from the fact that there's children here," Davis said.

The businesses believe the lack of law enforcement in Josephine County is partially to blame for this. The school is now working with Representative Carl Wilson's office to help determine the legality of their neighbors.

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