News 10 rides with crews to the lines of the Chetco Bar Fire for a progress update

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

NEAR BROOKINGS, Ore. - The Chetco Bar Fire has burned through more than 143,000 acres.

"Very surreal it's kind of spooky to be honest," said Jesse Sims, a Washington State public information officer.

The fire has also forced hundreds to evacuate and left half a dozen without a home.

To stop it in its tracks the National Guard has been working on protecting containment lines on the south west border closest to the City of Brookings.

However, it's not only a matter of holding the current perimeter.

Low relative humidity triple digit temperatures as well as variable winds are a recipe for large perimeter growth in the already largest fire in the Pacific Northwest.

For this reason, dditional crews are focused on the west and north boarder where additional sparks could ignite.

"We've already built the containment line on 10 percent of the fire but there's still a lot of hotspots within the close proximity so we have the crews like the National Guard going out there and mopping up those hot spots utilizing water and hand tools to get those cooled down to protect that containment line," said Nick Hennemann, a Oregon Department of forestry public information officer.

Firefighters working on this with the intent to close in on the fire.

"Crews are working to tie the lines together and building direct line which means it's right up to where the fire is,” said Hennemann.

Eventually reaching the other end of the fire, which is no stranger to the char.

"Crews on the east side of the fire are using old containment lines from the Biscuit Fire in 2002 and they're using bulldozers to open those lines up so we have strong containment lines over there," said Hennemann.

The drive to get to these containment lines serving crews as a reminder of what has been lost and all that's left to save.

"It's spooky being up here but I know all the good work that's been accomplished," said Sims.

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