Oregon equipment staff helping with Harvey relief


EUGENE, Ore. - The University of Oregon equipment staff is joining in on Tropical Storm Harvey relief efforts.

The staff has connections with members of the equipment staff at the University of Houston, and two managers at Oregon are from the Houston area.

Aaron Wasson is the director of equipment operations at Oregon, and he said they needed to do something to help out.

The football season is about to start, so players and staff are getting new gear. Wasson says that sparked the idea to ask for donations of any lightly used gear sitting in closets.

"Everyone is really excited. They're willing to help, they're ready to help," said Wasson. "This morning when I showed up there were already boxes of stuff ready to ship down there. "We're going through stuff now - organizing it by shoes, by t-shirts, by sweatshirts. Players seem to be fired up - everyone saying 'Hey we're going to bring stuff in this week.'"

The Ducks plan to ship boxes of footwear and apparel to the Houston area next week.

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