Oregon Legislature wraps up 2017 session

Medford, July 10th 2017, (KTVL/Megan Allison)

SALEM, Ore. -- The Oregon Legislature wrapped up its 2017 session.

Many bills passed in the final hour of the legislative session. This includes changes in funding for education and transportation, and access to immigration information of residents.

Some attorneys say this is a step forward.

"Certain segments of the immigrant community have been so gripped with fear that they won't send their kids to schools at times. They maybe won't cooperate with law enforcement action or agencies," Yaschar Sarparast said.

The attorney said he hopes this will help the functioning of agencies.

"Another call within the legislation which prohibits or would prohibit these federal agencies from conducting enforcement on the physical sites of our Oregon agencies or public bodies," Sarparast said.

House Bill 2017 also passes. It's a $5.3 billion plan to modernize Oregon's transportation system by improving congestion, roadways, maintenance, and the safety of infrastructure. To pay for these projects the bill will increase gas taxes, car sales, and registration fees. Some residents said this is necessary.

"Driving around, just to get traffic to flow better, the condition of roads in general, the country road. I live on the outskirts so general potholes. Having proper curbs and proper access for bicycles," Anne-Marie Smith said.

Lawmakers also designated more funding for school's this year. The $8.2 billion package for K-12 schools is up 11 percent. For most of the state's school districts this would cover costs. Others had hoped for additional funding.

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