Oregon residents angry over high gas prices

Oregon's average gas price is $2.68 per gallon. It's the 2nd highest average in the country. (KTVL/Mike Marut)

Southern Ore. - While gas prices across the country are decreasing, Oregon is seeing a 16 cent increase on average over the past month.

The increase comes at the same time as spring break for students and families. Because of the high gas prices, many are choosing to stay closer to home this year.

"We're doing some local spots, going to Lake of the Woods and stuff like that," Jeanette McPherson, an Oregon resident, said. "We're kind of staying local because gas prices are so, you know, one minute they're up, one minute they're down so I just wish they would keep it at an average and decent price for all of us."

AAA says Oregon has the second highest average gas price in the country at $2.68 gallon - second only to Utah.

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