Phoenix Mayor is taking action on resident road concerns

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

PHOENIX, Ore. - The City of Phoenix mayor Chris Luz has received more than 100 emails from the community and spoke to nearly 30 businesses who say the one lane road on Main Street just isn't working out.

"I don't like this one lane you know it's not good for business," said Jenny Liang, the Golden Phoenix Chinese Restaurant owner.

Liang is celebrating 15 years of being in business along Main in August.

However, she says she's seen better days.

"Before I have this one group that comes, then I don't see them anymore you know," Liang said.

She says since Main Street was changed from a two lane to a one lane street it's complicated things for customers and slowed her business.

"I know a few customers were talking, when they changed one lane ‘I don't want to come back here anymore sorry’," Liang said.

"Well it's tougher to get in the parking lot you have to pull over in this supposedly bike lane in order to turn in here and people don't know what they're doing you know," said Bob Jacobs, a longtime customer.

Confusing enough it even caused an accident for jenny.

"When I want to turn in I slow down but the people behind they want to drive there in the bicycle lane so they hit my car," Liang said.

To respond to these concerns the city will decide whether to convert main street back to two lanes by letting the people vote.

But the city says there are a lot of variables to consider including parking and the designated bike lane.

Something the Siskiyou vela’s, Southern Oregon’s largest bicycling club, would like to defend as merging them could cause a safety hazard.

"When you have cyclists mixed in with traffic the less experienced cyclists tend to weave in and out," said Edgar Hee, a 20-year member said.

That city council discussion will take place Monday, July 17th.

Mayor Luz says he's confident the council and the community can come up with a plan to get a two lane flow while keeping the concept of a walkable, bike friendly community alive.

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