Phoenix meets to discuss hiring an interim city manager

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

Just four months after Jamie McLeod was hired as city manager, she was fired.

The City of Phoenix left without a city manager yet again.

"We're keeping things going now but having a good city manager in pace is absolutely critical," Mayor Chris Luz said.

And so another special meeting was called Monday night to talk about getting an interim city manager.

"I’m excited to introduce Dave Kanner to the city council this evening. He brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as seasoned veteran," Luz said.

What's curious to some in the city, who asked not to be on camera, is Kanner's work history.

Kanner just recently voted out from his role in Ashland as city manager.

He was also fired from his county administrator position in Deschutes.

In both cases, he was let go for leadership role issues.

The same reason McLeod was voted out for just last week.

"I have witnessed her behavior with other staff and it seems much more receptive than her interactions with me," Finance Director Janette Booth said.

Luz isn't too concerned with that.

"You know when a city manager is let go you never really know what's going on behind the scene. So you have to ask the current applicant what had happened in those cases and try to get the scoop," Luz said.

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