Partiers celebrate St. Patrick's Day on wheels


Medford Ore- Tonight partiers got to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in a way it's never been celebrated before in Medford.

It's the first night riders can drink on a pedicab in Medford and one business, Pint Rider, is on the road.

This comes after yesterday's decision by the Medford City Council to let pedicab riders drink alcohol on board.

Pint Rider Owner, Nate Olsen, was excited about the decision,

"This has been my dream for two years now. I've had it here for about 8 months. It's been in the works for a lot longer. So when that happened it was like a lot of my hard work paid off." Olsen said.

Olsen says that tours on Pint Rider start at 6:30 at the latest and usually end at 8:30 or sooner.

The driver or "captain" of the pedicabs are not allowed to drink while driving the vehicles.

Olsen says that since the city council made their decision, he's been getting calls from people all around the area wanting go on tours.

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