Police: Man arrested for smashing in patrol car windows

Christopher Richard Tolhurst (Grants Pass Department of Public Safety)

A Josephine County Man is arrested for damaging two Grants Pass Department of Public Safety vehicles.

GPSPS say, officers spotted Christopher Richard Tolhurst,59, using a knife to smash the windshields of two police cars.

Police tried to make contact with the Tolhurst before he ran way on to the Deb Potts Bridge into the direction of an innocent pedestrian on the bridge.

Fearing for the safety of the pedestrian, officers moved in and stopped Tolhurst using a Taser.

Tolhurst was taken and treated for the exposure of the Taser at Three Rivers Hospital before being booked into Josephine County Jail.

GPDPS say both cars will be taken out of operation until the windshields have been replaced.

Police is asking for anyone who had witness the incident to call 541-450-6260.

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