Possible changes to the Senior Center in Ashland

Possible changes to Senior Center (KTVL/Sarina Sandoval)

A meeting in Ashland was held this afternoon to discuss changes to the Senior Center and seniors are not happy about it.

Parks and Recreation wants to reset the senior program by expanding it to include more people.

Ashland Park and Recreation Chairman, Mike Gardiner says, they want to use the Senior Center for recreation use, that means no more social services will be provided.

"I mean there's other facilities within the county and city that offer social services, we're not particularly a social service organization," Gardiner said.

He says all of the services currently provided are not in the budget, but a volunteer, Susanne Severeid says, taking away services is not fair to the senior community.

"We offer a lot of assistance to low income seniors and that's typically an under served portion of any community and so it would really be tragic if this program did not continue," Severeid said.

A decision has not been made yet, another meeting will take place tomorrow for an approval.

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