Priceless beads, jewelry, instruments stolen over four month period

Jennifer toured the world with her husband, Gordon, playing music. (Courtesy: Jennifer Schloming)

Medford, Ore. - Between mid-December and April 1st, a friend of a friend stole hundreds of items from Jennifer Schloming's home - after she let him stay there for that period of time. Some of the items stolen were jewelry made by Jennifer's husband, Gordon, during his last month of fighting cancer. Gordon passed away 21 years ago.

"It's an apothecary chest that caught my husband's eye as a place for his love," Jennifer remembers fondly. "It's a last gift. The whole thing is a last gift."

In the apothecary chest, Gordon put all the beads and necklaces he made for his wife.

Last week, Jennifer noticed much of the jewelry was gone.

"Clearly, it's an enormous betrayal," Jennifer said. "It's the one you don't sleep through. It's the one that makes you want to throw up a lot."

In that span of about four months, the acquaintance stole beads, jewelry and musical instruments - most of which had sentimental value. Jennifer believes the man had no idea the true value of things he stole.

"They're not little plastic classroom instruments," Jennifer added. "They're professional instruments. They have serial numbers on them."

Jennifer remembered all of her travels with Gordon. As a couple, they toured internationally playing concerts and collecting objects - some of them rare - wherever they went. Their travels took them to Europe, South America and Africa.

Despite the theft, Jennifer finds herself conflicted on whether to be mad or sad.

"It's impossible to hate this young man," Jennifer said. "I can't. I'm just sorry. I'm just really sorry. I trust that he is as well."

Some of the items stolen have been returned, including some beads, a flute, necklaces and a violin and von Heune recorder. She says the worth of what's been returned, "isn't even a comma" - meaning not even a drop in the bucket.

Jennifer says she's been working with local pawn shops, but fears the items that were stolen may be long gone because of the time it took to steal all her belongings.

Below is a list of stolen items: (total estimated value = over $50,000)

- 36” heavy gold chain with pink an blue gem stone pendant

- 16” thinner gold chain with yellow topaz

- 16” black onyx and silver single oblong pendant with beaded silver chain

- black onyx and silver earrings

- turtle shell mask

- carved African mask

- dive watch

- smaller woman’s watch

- ethnic wood jewelry box

- fire opal ring

- black onyx and diamond ring

- black pearl ring

-white pearl ring

- amethyst ring

- gold wedding ring without ruby

- turquoise and silver ring

-long braided silver necklace 64”

- lapis lazuli and silver necklace 16”

- 32” braided silver necklace with silver beads

- 14” heavy modern open chain-link solid silver necklace

- silver choker with Peruvian jade bead 32” plain black bead necklace

- 16” small amber and gold bead necklace

- silver set rose quartz

- pendant on 22” silver chain

- gold snake chain necklace 22”

- 4 amber choker necklaces

- multiple sets of trade bead and silver earrings

- 26” silver necklace with smaller pendant (Greece—was Mom’s)

- 32” long green trade bead necklace with 3”x3” rectangular silver pendant and matching earrings

- multiple smaller trade bead and silver necklaces (2 returned)

- Removed and emptied ebony jewel box with mother of pearl inlay

- 20, 32” rare trade bead, amber and silver necklaces and matching earrings, one of which is extremely rare red Somali amber

- a light blue glass bead with red hishi

- black cross

- blue and white with rare Russian blue beads

- 4 trade bead and silver bracelets

- 16” black snake coral necklace

- 16”red coral necklace with designer silver pendant

- solid silver necklace ( w/arrowhead flare)

- An extremely rare solid silver tribal wedding necklace

- long 36” solid silver rope belt

- 3 solid silver bracelets (Mom’s with beaded surface, about 3’4” wide snakeskin design, double strand rope with pin)

- One shamanic necklace, silver with tiger’s tooth and icons 32”

- One multi-strand white bead with small silver and color bead pieces 32”

- One turquoise and silver necklace and matching earrings(—bird design- Peru) 32”

- One 22” turquoise, blue trade bead and silver necklace with 2” large chunk amethyst

- 6 smaller 16” silver and smaller trade bead necklaces

- 16” polished solid silver crescent with embossed filigree

- gold bracelet with silver elephants, from Turkey

- Mom’s diamond wedding ring, her 2 silver necklaces and earrings

-heavy flat gold necklace 1/4” in width

- 2 cloisonné bead necklaces 32”

- 2 thin silver bracelets

- all remaining loose amber and African trade beads and jewelry pliers and tools to work them. Baggies of a variety of silver and bead types.

- Complete set of silver place settings for 12, including all serving pieces. In velveted box.

- silver-foiled place knives (set)

- 10 silver and bone (or ivory?) handled knives

- silver gravy spoon

- silver serving spoon

- silver forks (1 dinner fork and at least 1 pickle fork)

- silver teaspoons

- smaller silver spoons.

- von Heune recorders, (tenor, alto)

- violin

- Yahama guitar

- Nintendo Wii controllers and Nintendo Gamecube controllers plus games

- TV screen (probably Sharp 32”)

- Samsung DVD Player

- Galen’s solid silver mezuzah (4”x2”)

- 1 Banker’s box full rock and roll of vintage vinyl—(7 albums returned so far)

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