Progress made at Hope Village site

Hope Village has two new buildings that are being added to the site. (KTVL/Will Maetzold)

MEDFORD, Ore. -- The tiny house village in Medford is making progress towards a grand opening in late June. The ground is beginning to be leveled and cleared for Hope Village.

Two permanent buildings have also been purchased to expand the site and add more services.

"It was a blessing," project construction manager Jim Keeter said. "We didn't expect it and it came about and a lot of things came our way. This allows us to have a large community center where the dining is (and) offices for the counselors."

Saturday will be a day for volunteers to paint the new buildings.

There will also be volunteers needed to build the houses on June 3.

The new room will now allow for 30 houses on the site.

To help volunteer with this project, go to Hope Village's website.

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