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Republican Representatives push back on Medicaid patch bill

(KTVL/ Kimberly Kolliner)

MEDFORD, Ore. - Republican Representatives Julie Parrish, Cedric Hayden and Medford's Sal Esquivel are initiating the effort for a voter referendum on House Bill 2391.

The bill - signed by Governor Brown - sets out to raise $670 million in tax revenues from health insurers and providers to help sustain coverage for the more than 350,000 Oregonians receiving Medicaid.

Representative Sal Esquivel initially voted for the bill but has since changed his stance because of where else the money will also be allocated.

"Later on they started in with other bills, they brought forth the abortion bill and they brought forth a bill to put illegals on our health care system. And our healthcare system was specifically designed and told by our president at the time, Barack Obama that people with illegal presence would not be eligible to be on the system."

The lawmakers have to gather 59,000 signatures before the bill takes effect in about 90 days.

If the three representatives are able to gather the necessary signatures, the bill will move to a vote either in the January special election or in November.

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